Absolutely spot on for m at present, last 6 years …

by farnaz

Comment on Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay by Polly.

Absolutely spot on for m at present, last 6 years
Difficult divorce, lost a lot of money, he took everything , I wish him happiness!!
Fell in love with a man I could not have and had to work with him for 5 years, still trying to let go
3 family deaths in 6 weeks June/July 2014 and my elderly father 2 heart attack is in 8 months !!!
And finally made redundant 1 year ago , horrendous but where I needed to be.
After all that lot , felt like a lost soul, heartbroken ,sad, angry and broken, time is a healer.
Today right , hip,wrist pain, right little finger, and ankle pain !!!!!!!!!
Coming out of the greif now the aches and pains are the completion of letting go of all that cross.
Got a new job today and ready for new experiences .
I thanks the universe for all those experiences as it has made me who I am today and in the words of the famous Coco Chanel ” WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER ”
I am ready for a new adventure, BRING IT ON !!!!!!! XXXXXXXX