Thank you for this article and list, this really hits …

by farnaz

Comment on Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay by Inka.

Thank you for this article and list, this really hits home. This is also very helpful as it is so comprehensive! I have understood and believed in that we are entities, we are connected to each other, the surrounding world and that we are what we think and how we care for ourselves and each other. I had a mole removed from my thigh a week ago that was diagnosed as melanoma. I found out yesterday and am still in shock really, even if the diagnosis is hopeful in that it was in its early stages and even though I will have to have more flesh removed from my thigh and have my glands checked, the doctor kept on repeating how great it is that I went to get the mole checked and removed NOW rather than waited any longer! I have read somewhere that illnesses are also body’s way of cleansing itself, of pushing out the stresses and the bad energy? I am somehow wanting to believe that this is true whilst also wanting to learn how to support my body with the current situation and to help myself heal and support my immune system. Will I be learning this from your book Louise Hay?