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Hello Paul I appreciate your question, i too would look through …

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Hello Paul
I appreciate your question, i too would look through the list and not find some of my symptoms, only to be disappointed.
But this list is not complete, and while you can try and find the specific thoughts that lead to your specific symptoms, may i suggest a much easier solution?

Your body knows how to heal itself, if you stop getting in the way. This has been the hardest lesson for me to learn, but through years of trial and error i have found that as soon as i relax and start being good to myself, my body recovers.
It’s really quite difficult to dig through thoughts and figure out what has led to what. It’s far easier and more effective to pay attention to your emotions, as they tell you what thoughts you are having in any moment. As soon as you feel any negative emotion, you know your thoughts are not in alignment with your Source, and you have a chance to pick better thoughts. Your emotions in any moment are your indicator of your mental state.

Practice thinking better thoughts and hence feeling better. Your body heals very rapidly under these circumstances. Good thoughts lead to good feelings which lead to a great physical state.

You will be pleased to hear that it takes far less time for your body to heal and repair the appendix inflammation or appendicitis, than it took for this condition to begin in the first places. Chances are you had been feeling negative emotions for a long time before being diagnosed? Sometimes we numb ourselves from feeling emotions, to the point where we get comfortable with feeling bad.

How do you generally feel during the day? would you say you are mostly in a state of love/appreciation/excitement/hope or depression/anger/frustration ?

Have a look through the list of emotions and see where you spend the majority of your time:

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Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay
hi Linnea, it belongs to Louise Hay so im not sure where you need to get permission from sorry.

Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay
Hello Keyvan, great questions!
I’m glad you have had success with this list. I don’t actually know if the list has been expanded or not, and what scientists have proven with regards to this list.
But generally i advise people to skip the list and get happy. That’s the fastest way to healing. And it sounds like you have found this to be true as well, by guiding your clients to less unhappiness.
I have only provided the list as a starting point. I don’t want my readers too focused on it, so i’m closing the comments in this post. It’s time to focus on the far easier path to self healing, and that is by increasing our happiness factor! Happy 2016!!!

Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay
Yes margaret, it can. Every illness started emotionally to begin with. If you remove the emotions that caused it, by replacing them with better emotions, your body will recover 🙂

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Jan you need to heal the underlying misaligned energies that caused the illness, I talk about how i did it in the book the Alchemy of Healing. https://alchemyofhealing.com/the-alchemy-of-healing-book/

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Hello Jan, which book? if you mean the Alchemy of Healing, you can buy the eBook on this website or you can buy the printed copy through a number of retailers, here is more information: https://alchemyofhealing.com/the-alchemy-of-healing-book/

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Thanks Mascot, i really appreciate your thoughts and feedback 🙂

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Hello F.W

You sound very strong and capable, it seems you are going in the right direction by paying attention to how you feel and wanting to feel good.
I am so happy that my book has helped you!
I don’t think you can ignore bad feelings. Remember that you feel bad because of bad thoughts, and you can’t “ignore bad thoughts”, you can only think better feeling thoughts. Have you tried replacing these bad feeling thoughts with better ones?
The fear is also related to your thoughts. If you can’t replace the bad thoughts, try to turn your attention and focus to subjects that feel better for you. Try to spend more time in nature or with animals or with kids. They have good energy and when we feel bad, they have the power to uplift us.
Of course you hold all the power to uplift yourself, but sometimes you forget how powerful you are.
Your anxiety will disappear as you start to feel better. Try to love yourself more and be good to yourself. I think we all need to get better at loving our inner child and giving it what it what we did not get as children.

You are very powerful F.W! Remember that! You have manifested this book into your experience and in the same way you can manifest anything else your heart desires!

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Mary Beth, you sound like a breath of fresh air! It’s so good to see people take their power back 🙂
Let me know how you go!