Just reading the symptoms list struck a nerve with me. …

by farnaz

Comment on Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay by Kyra L.

Just reading the symptoms list struck a nerve with me. I have several health issues, most of which I’ve had for many years now, and it makes perfect sense as I read the emotions that go along with them. Healing myself has been a goal for some time – I’ve just never really known how to START that healing. I’m very interested in reading what you’ve recommended, particularly your book as well as the one from Louise Hay and I will take your recommendation to working on up to the Law of Attraction of Abraham – all have been bookmarked. Very informative post, thank you!

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What is gossip costing you?
I am one who has always despised gossip, but really, when I think about it (if honest with myself) I do tend to do it at times. Until your mention of the law of attraction, I never really thought about it as having an impact on my life – but when I think about the type of things I’ll gossip about, and then look at what I’m having a hard time finding some success in healing from – it does make a lot of sense.

Appreciation Journal: a recipe for miracles
I’m going to sit down and try doing an appreciation journal tonight. While reading your post, I had several co-workers immediately pop into my head and thought “well… this could be difficult” but I’m sure I’ll have some success with finding things I appreciate about them if I’m honest with myself. I mentioned in another post that I’ll be purchasing your Alchemy of Healing book – I’m anxious to read it, particularly on how we create our reality with thoughts. (I’m an “over-thinker”… I hope to stop this one day)