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Hello Jerlin, Instead of looking for the mental cause of any …

by farnaz

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Hello Jerlin,
Instead of looking for the mental cause of any illness and corresponding affirmations, it’s a lot faster for you to improve your general emotional state. In other words you need to get happier, and as you get happier your body will heal itself, you don’t need specific affirmations for an illness. And as you get happier, your whole life (not just your body) will improve in amazing ways.

Do you know where you sit in the emotional scale most of the time? are you mostly depressed? angry? or hopeful?
Pay close attention to how you feel and any time you feel negative emotion, change your focus to something that makes you feel happier or gives you relief. As you practice focusing on more happy thoughts and subjects, your general happiness increases.

I suggest you also buy a journal you love and use it to list everything you appreciate in your life. Make this a daily habit and within a few days if not weeks you will notice your life change.
Read this article https://alchemyofhealing.com/appreciation-journal-recipe-miracles/

🙂 Let me know how you go

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Jan you need to heal the underlying misaligned energies that caused the illness, I talk about how i did it in the book the Alchemy of Healing. https://alchemyofhealing.com/the-alchemy-of-healing-book/

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Hello Jan, which book? if you mean the Alchemy of Healing, you can buy the eBook on this website or you can buy the printed copy through a number of retailers, here is more information: https://alchemyofhealing.com/the-alchemy-of-healing-book/

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Thanks Mascot, i really appreciate your thoughts and feedback 🙂

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Hello F.W

You sound very strong and capable, it seems you are going in the right direction by paying attention to how you feel and wanting to feel good.
I am so happy that my book has helped you!
I don’t think you can ignore bad feelings. Remember that you feel bad because of bad thoughts, and you can’t “ignore bad thoughts”, you can only think better feeling thoughts. Have you tried replacing these bad feeling thoughts with better ones?
The fear is also related to your thoughts. If you can’t replace the bad thoughts, try to turn your attention and focus to subjects that feel better for you. Try to spend more time in nature or with animals or with kids. They have good energy and when we feel bad, they have the power to uplift us.
Of course you hold all the power to uplift yourself, but sometimes you forget how powerful you are.
Your anxiety will disappear as you start to feel better. Try to love yourself more and be good to yourself. I think we all need to get better at loving our inner child and giving it what it what we did not get as children.

You are very powerful F.W! Remember that! You have manifested this book into your experience and in the same way you can manifest anything else your heart desires!

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Mary Beth, you sound like a breath of fresh air! It’s so good to see people take their power back 🙂
Let me know how you go!