Ways to beat Depression

by farnaz
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Need simple solutions to beating depression?

A reader of The Alchemy of Healing recently emailed me asking for ways to beat depression. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through rounds of chemo, she felt depressed but knew that anti-depressant medications are not the solution.

So I felt a post is needed on the subject, seeing as depression is so common place in our society today.

Depression sits right at the bottom of the Emotional Guidance Scale, so you need to focus on going up the scale, emotionally.
As your mood and emotions raise, you will feel relief and as you begin to feel better and better, eventually drugs will not be necessary.

Some simple solutions to feeling better right now are:
1) Go outside, go for a walk in nature, it is one of the best ways to find relief from depression. Spending time with nature balances your mood and ultimately your body. If you can, take up gardening. Or take a dog for a walk, anything nature related is good for the soul.
2) Distract your mind from your health (or other issues) by watching feel good, uplifting movies. Watch lots of comedy. Many people have healed themselves with attention to comedy and lots of laughter.
3) Eat better quality food, which means more veggies and fruits, more naturally occurring foods, and less processed foods. Processed foods contain artificial additives that prevent your mind from functioning at its best, and also slow down your cells. Of course, never eat something you do not like. If you force food onto yourself, the negative emotions you feel will cause you more harm.
4) Spend time with people who are happy and positive, which often means children. Children are connected to their Source and wise beyond measure, so watch them and take note! Having fun with nieces or nephews or any kids in your family will bring you relief. This relief is needed for you to feel better.
5) Start an Appreciation Journal, or Love List as I have mentioned in my book. This trains your mind to look for positive aspects of life. You have many things in your life to appreciate, you just need to pay attention. Make sure you WRITE them down, it is not enough to just think of aspects you appreciate. The simple act of writing (with your hands and not with a keyboard) creates thousands of new connections in your brain! It is also not enough to just write. Make sure you FEEL appreciation for what you write about.

If you start with the 5 items listed above, you will very quickly see a change in your mood. And so will other people.

Be kind to yourself and take care of yourself, avoid negative people, news or media. Give all your attention to yourself and focus ONLY on FEELING BETTER right now. How we feel has little to do with our life and everything to do with our thoughts. So pick your thoughts very carefully. This may mean you will have to be kind instead of right. Pick your battles carefully, as the more energy you use to prove something to others, the less energy you will have to attend to your own needs and desires. Let go of trying to be right all the time. Just be kind to yourself.

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