I quickly read your book today and I just loved …

by farnaz

Comment on Contact Me by Jocelyn Santana.

I quickly read your book today and I just loved it. I am a Christian and for a while, I did not know how to blend my Christian faith with the law of attraction but I kept going back to the Bible and each time, I found evidence that it is true. As a man thinks, so he is. I want to heal, to love myself, to to attract an amazing life partner, to write my book, to become a relationship/sex counselor, coach and consultant. I want to become a bodybuilder and compete in a competition next summer. I want to be debt free. I know what I want and I often get stuck and attract situations and people that sabotage my desires. I understand now that it is because of my inner emotional set point. It is my inner conversation that must change. I have spent most of my life in fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness. These days, I am feeling impatient and angry, and disappointed. I like the concept of working my way up to the emotional guidance scale in every area of my life: money, career, purpose, physical fitness, relationships, health. Thank you for reminding me about these amazing principles. I just left a toxic relationship with a narcissist; obvious evidence from the Universe about how I was feeling about myself when I decided to go for that man. I am grateful that I can see clearly now. Everything in my life is a manifestation of my inner emotional state and my beliefs about myself.