Is there any way u would do a zoom call …

by farnaz

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Is there any way u would do a zoom call to here my story and give me some advice?

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Contact Me
Hi again
I’m 15 turning 16 I’ve nearly finished ur book and was hoping if u would do a phone consultation even for just 5 minutes I would appreciate as I have some questions.
If u can’t this is ok
Thanks anyway for ur amazing wonderful book

Contact Me
Sorry for late reply
Yes I did check the resources and I’ve pretty much tried everything. I’ve gone on walks, I’ve tried to change my focus on something else but I find it impossible

Contact Me
Thank u so much for replying
I understand ur saying to be in a happy state to heal but even if I go for a walk or watch an upbeat movie I’ll come back to those uncomfortable situations so then how do I get out of those because I’ll be going in circles