Hi I’ve just recently come across your website and love …

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I’ve just recently come across your website and love the fact that you are helping and responding to people so I thought to take the chance and write to you.
I’ve suffered with IBS for 4 years and a couple of weeks ago I got diagnosed with SIBO and the last 4 years of my life have honestly not be the greatest. I’ve read Louise hay heal your life book 3 weeks back and I thought it was amazing how she explained how having positive affirmations can change your life and having your body, mind and spirit neutral. I’ve been trying the exercises in the book and honestly I’m not finding any changes. Now you have to understand that I’ve been trying to be SIBO free for so long as I’ve suffered from embarrassment, paranoia, guilt and so many other things. I’ve cut myself from activities because of this condition. I’ve tried so many things, such as seen a herbalist, changed my diet so many times, had blood tests done and now I’m on the low FODMAP diet and I haven’t seen a difference. The main symptom I have is gas all the time and when I’m around people this is very uncomfortable for me and embarrassing and I want to to form into a ball and disappear. I’m in school so I’m around people all the time but what I don’t understand is how I got this problem and why it’s not going away. Plz help me understand as I’d really appreciate this.

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Contact Me
Hi again
I’m 15 turning 16 I’ve nearly finished ur book and was hoping if u would do a phone consultation even for just 5 minutes I would appreciate as I have some questions.
If u can’t this is ok
Thanks anyway for ur amazing wonderful book

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Is there any way u would do a zoom call to here my story and give me some advice?

Contact Me
Sorry for late reply
Yes I did check the resources and I’ve pretty much tried everything. I’ve gone on walks, I’ve tried to change my focus on something else but I find it impossible