Hello, Self-love is the energy of the Source which puts you …

by farnaz

Comment on Contact Me by Kostas Xatzi.

Self-love is the energy of the Source which puts you in a position of healing. Every thought triggers a felling between fear and love. Louise Hay is totally right when she said that everything starts from a lack of self-love.
You said that you tried the method of Louise but it didn’t work for you. I can guarantee that you didn’t touch the real energy of unconditional self-love from deep in your heart. You just repeated some affirmations without any feeling. Because if you did, there would be no space for negative thoughts that keep the diseases alive. In this state of real self-love we are totally connected with the source and we can see the reasons and the negative core beliefs that make us sick and its much easier to change them. Everything comes in the surface and we can work with them and heal them. True wisdom coming from this state of Self-Love and we can see the whys and heal any negative karma. If you compare yourself now with your past self you will see that your thoughts now are more based in and charged with self love and that’s exactly why you are healed. So the Key is Love, Universal Unconditional Love and all thoughts should come from there.