I agree! Thank you :))) …

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I agree! Thank you :)))

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You create your own reality
Hi Farnaz, if someone accused me of something and I disagree, should I defend myself? Lots of time when I did that it ended in never ending arguments. But I feel I need to express my point of view so they don’t have a wrong impression of me. Thanks before 🙂

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The Power of Water
hmm.. I’d love it if you share your personal stories on how your life improves in all areas, also things like your daily routine, your strategies (such as this water article), how to keep your motivation, anything to have a great life 🙂

The Power of Water
Hi Farnaz, thanks for your reply 🙂 I agree with you and I’ll try not to fuss too much. Anyway your success story here is the real proof of the power of water! If you have any update please let us know 🙂 Love seeing daily practice suggestions in your blog!

The Power of Water
Hi Farnaz, great article as always. Just curious, what’s your consideration in buying reverse osmosia filter? I also have one at home but recently just been told the RO filtered water is acidic and not good in the long term. Would appreciate your stance! Thanks before 🙂