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Thanks farnaz , it was so clear:) I loved the idea …

by farnaz

Comment on What is Momentum? by Hana.

Thanks farnaz , it was so clear:)
I loved the idea of snow ball
It andrestood very well????

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Transitioning to a new season of life…
I’m experiencing it in my life and it’s really fun 🙂 !
It’s seems low of attraction is working????
I’m just on my 30th day of meditations , it’s look like changes are starting to begin
Love it and it is a good surprise for me…

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Hi farnaz
Hope everything getting well for you:)
Just a quick question
Can you explain the ” momentum ” for me to understand it , I’m a bit confused a bout getting the meaning of it …

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Hi Farnaz, love your book and trying to do exercises:)
could you give me any advise to deal with my anxiety and depresion?
Ive had 4 surguries and radiotherapies, iodintherapies…last year for my thyroid and breast cancer!
now Im physicaly ok,but emotionaly and mentaly in verybad mood
need some help, don’t wanna go to drugs..