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Hi Isadora, It depends on how believeble your goal is. If …

by farnaz

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Hi Isadora,

It depends on how believeble your goal is. If you feel like it’s really big and hard to manifest, it will naturally be harder to believe that its already manifested. I think its easier to start with smaller goals and dreams, than bigger ones. From a LOA point of view there is no difference, however from a human point of view we have limiting beliefs that slow us down.
Think back in your own life and im sure you can recall scenarios where you wanted something and it manifested. Changing beliefs takes time, so be easy with yourself and give yourself time.


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Your body is not able to heal until you heal emotionally. So do whatever it takes to make yourself feel happy.
Did you study the resources I mentioned on this website?

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Hello Nadeem,

As with anything you want to practice, you must get started on practicing happiness and you will get better over time. Just pay attention to how you feel, it tells you if you are practicing well or not.

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hi Amina,

Thanks for reaching out to me. In order to heal any problem in your life, you need to heal emotionally. Once your body is in a healthy state emotionally, it will heal itself naturally.
What you should do is take your focus off the problem and give yourself some relief from the stress of trying to “fix it”. Your ultimate goal is to get happier because happiness is tremendously good for your body. When you are in a bad state emotionally (upset, angry, worried, embarrassed) your body is under stress and cannot heal itself.
I expect that as you start to look for ways to keep yourself happy, the real solution to your problem will either reveal itself or your body will naturally heal itself and one day you will realise your issues are a thing of the past.
Have you read any of my websites articles on self healing? I suggest you read these.
I have also outlined in great detail how my body healed itself after I started to feel better, and I recommend you also read my book The Alchemy of Healing. Everyone who has read it has found success in their healing path.

Best wishes,

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Thank you for the words of encouragement, you have inspired me to write more 🙂

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Thats wonderful, thanks for sharing!