The key to Manifestations

by farnaz

If you haven’t heard Gregg Braden speak before, you are missing out. For years now he’s been lecturing on the power of our heart and the role our heart plays in manifesting.

In fact, the key to manifesting anything you desire is to feel it in your heart as already achieved, as already done!
Remember that the more you yearn for something, the more you keep it from coming into your reality because while you desire it, you also notice its absence. That’s what the feeling of yearning is, wanting something you don’t yet have. Instead what you need to do is feel its presence with your heart.

For more details watch this short clip where Gregg Braden explains how you can manifest your wants.

The “human heart is the largest electrical and electro-magnetic generator within the human body. So our heart has the strength to generate the same fields that the stuff of our world is made of”. As he says our heart fields can rearrange the atoms that this world is made of! We truly are powerful!

What do you think? How has this talk changed your perspective? I’d love to hear from you

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Isadora February 24, 2018 - 6:09 am

How do you convince yourself to believe what you want, is already there?

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farnaz February 25, 2018 - 12:02 am

Hi Isadora,

It depends on how believeble your goal is. If you feel like it’s really big and hard to manifest, it will naturally be harder to believe that its already manifested. I think its easier to start with smaller goals and dreams, than bigger ones. From a LOA point of view there is no difference, however from a human point of view we have limiting beliefs that slow us down.
Think back in your own life and im sure you can recall scenarios where you wanted something and it manifested. Changing beliefs takes time, so be easy with yourself and give yourself time.


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Frances June 4, 2018 - 4:52 pm

This must be taught to children life would be a better place to live in

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