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Hello Jaswinder, it’s great to hear from you! I always …

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Hello Jaswinder, it’s great to hear from you!
I always appreciate feedback on my book. I am so pleased the book has inspired you, and i would love to know how else it has helped you.
I am yet to visit Perth, but it’s definitely on my to do list. Maybe one day we will meet each other 🙂

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About Me
Mary Beth, you sound like a breath of fresh air! It’s so good to see people take their power back 🙂
Let me know how you go!

About Me
Hello R,

You can’t look at the problem in order to find a solution. The energy of the problem is very different to the energy of the solution, so looking at your health issues will probably just cause more health issues. Have you noticed this yet?
Thinking positively about a problem doesn’t work in my experience, as it’s a bit like we are fooling ourselves, when deep inside we have the negative feelings associated with the illness.
The way i healed all my health issues was by letting go of a lot of struggle i had, and i instead turned my focus to following my passions, and whatever felt good at the time.
I have outlined it in detail in my book The Alchemy of Healing. It’s not something i can explain in one comment to you. But to summarise, your emotional state needs to improve, before your physical state can improve. So you need to find ways of uplifting yourself, and feeling good more, and slowly your body will heal and repair. “Positive thinking” is not the solution, but i know many people think it is! You should read my other articles on self healing as well, as i describe how to start the process.


About Me
Hello Sharice, nice to meet you!
Im so glad you know nothing is a coincidence, i expect that this book will open up your world to more than just physical healing. Others who have read it and continued their learnings by practicing self love have found success in health, wealth and relationships.
I would love to hear your feedback about my book, do keep in touch 🙂

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My Introduction to Abraham
Hello F.W

You sound very strong and capable, it seems you are going in the right direction by paying attention to how you feel and wanting to feel good.
I am so happy that my book has helped you!
I don’t think you can ignore bad feelings. Remember that you feel bad because of bad thoughts, and you can’t “ignore bad thoughts”, you can only think better feeling thoughts. Have you tried replacing these bad feeling thoughts with better ones?
The fear is also related to your thoughts. If you can’t replace the bad thoughts, try to turn your attention and focus to subjects that feel better for you. Try to spend more time in nature or with animals or with kids. They have good energy and when we feel bad, they have the power to uplift us.
Of course you hold all the power to uplift yourself, but sometimes you forget how powerful you are.
Your anxiety will disappear as you start to feel better. Try to love yourself more and be good to yourself. I think we all need to get better at loving our inner child and giving it what it what we did not get as children.

You are very powerful F.W! Remember that! You have manifested this book into your experience and in the same way you can manifest anything else your heart desires!

Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay
hi Linnea, it belongs to Louise Hay so im not sure where you need to get permission from sorry.

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My Introduction to Abraham
Good for you Valerie, once you take control of your health, everything else is within reach!

Go where you are pulled
Hello Farhan, thank you and I’m so pleased my book is helping you!

That’s reasonable at the start I think as you are starting to take steps in the direction of more allowing and less resistance. To me it sounds like you have a lot of resistance to the work so “deciding” to do it only makes you feel worse. If the work is necessary and you must do it, then you need to find a way of changing the way you feel about it. For example your family can’t starve because you don’t want to cook, so it’s important to change how you are perceiving the “work”.

I usually try and find a positive aspect to the work, to make it easier for me to start. Or when the task is so large or complicated it’s overwhelming me, I break it down into smaller more digestible sub-tasks because it feels good to at least finish one task, however small it is. You still feel like you’re making progress in the right direction.
Just remember to be easy about it and kind to yourself. I used to force myself to study, work, spend time with people I didn’t like and it was crippling me.

These days, even when I decide to do something from a place of excitement and passion, I may not have the feeling or momentum to continue it the next week. In my case it’s usually from physical exhaustion, if I don’t sleep well or rest, I lose all excitement about my life. So I quickly make sure I address this by taking time out, cutting technology out and just resting my mind or body. You need to work out what your triggers are.

Re downhill decisions, it’s 100% possible if you pay attention to how you feel. You feel better about downhill decisions, so try to feel each decision and see which feels better to follow. Then go in that direction. You will be surprised to find that later you might actually be excited about decisions you’ve previously made, and didn’t follow through with.

Best of luck!