Your Self-Talk is a conversation with the Universe

by farnaz

Quote from David James Lees - Be mindful of your self talk. Its a conversation with the universe

It’s worth asking yourself: What is my self talk like during the day?

Are you kind, loving or critical and mean to yourself?

Our self talk is the most important factor, in our self-esteem, sense of worthiness, health, weight, success and overall happiness. It determines everything that happens to us, by us and through us.

Most of us repeatedly talk to ourselves the same way we were spoken to as children. And unfortunately that often means any negative comments from our parents, teachers or other adults build our internal dialogue. Just like a recording on replay, we put ourselves down, we criticise and belittle ourselves without realising how detrimental it is to us and those around us.

The thoughts you think, determines the feelings you feel. Your emotions/feelings have strong magnetic power, and are released out of you in all directions, with a ripple affect. These emotions then result in things going well or not so well for you. So the conversation with yourself is and always will determine what happens to you, on a moment by moment basis.

Don’t you think it’s worth asking yourself, what is my conversation with myself, otherwise known as the Universe?

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