What is gossip costing you?

by farnaz

What is gossip costing you? Do you know what the actual cost of gossip is, in your life?

Growing up we have all been told that it’s bad to talk behind anyone’s back, but as adults do we really listened to that advice? These days there are now thousands of websites, magazines and tv programs dedicated to gossip, whether celebrity, government or local.

Our society thrives on gossip and it almost seems fashion to get your daily dose of gossip, yet do you know what it is costing you? And in the process of talking about other peoples lives and choices, we are then encouraged to compare their lives with our own, and ultimately feel miserable as there will always be someone who has more than we do.
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You can’t be giving your critical attention to other peoples business without feel some negativity, and i believe it’s costing us far more than we realise.
In my case it was causing havoc in my body, and as i became more conscious of my thoughts and feelings, i realised each negative thought resulted in actual physical symptoms in my body. I discuss this in book, The Alchemy of Healing, which is out now!
But in other people, the results of negative thought and criticism (of themselves or other people), varies considerably. I know people very close to me, who are experiencing tremendous financial hardship and are totally unaware that their constant negative talk of other people (and ultimately themselves) is preventing financial abundance.
What are you willing to give up for the gossip? Are you willing to give up money? good relationships? health? joy? because whether you realise it or not, each time you engage in negativity towards yourself or someone else (whether they deserved it or not), you are giving up much more than you realise. The law of attraction is responding to your negative attention, by bringing you more and more reasons to feel negative.
Let’s think about that the next time a friend begins talking about another friend

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Rene April 20, 2014 - 1:13 am

I am one who has always despised gossip, but really, when I think about it (if honest with myself) I do tend to do it at times. Until your mention of the law of attraction, I never really thought about it as having an impact on my life – but when I think about the type of things I’ll gossip about, and then look at what I’m having a hard time finding some success in healing from – it does make a lot of sense.

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farnaz June 17, 2014 - 4:33 am

Wonderful Rene!

I’m glad that i have influenced your thinking for the better!


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