Toddler wisdom: Lessons 1 to 3

by farnaz
Baby legs

Over the past 3.5 years, I’ve been lucky enough to watch two babies grow into happy little human beings. It’s very clear children are born knowing the Law of Attraction (LoA), adults just train it out of them. I believe there is a lot we can learn from them, so in the next few months I’ll a share a collection of lessons I’ve learnt from these kids and their immense wisdom.

Lesson 1:The point of power really is the NOW!

Baby no.1 was peacefully asleep in the afternoon (the day she was born), when her nurse informed her parents that she required two injections. I don’t remember what for, but each needle was inserted in her tidy fragile thighs, and for the adults in the room, it was hard to watch. The syringe was as long as her legs, and she screamed as they were inserted, my stomach dropped!!!

Yet within a minute or so after the injection, it seemed as if nothing had happened. She had forgotten about the pain and closed her eyes again and continued to nap.

This was amazing for me to watch. Babies in the Now. They are so in the present, that they don’t continue reliving the pain and suffering over and over like we adults do. She instantly moved on and forgot the pain.

Had any adult’s thighs been injected with needles as long as her legs, no doubt she’d continue to relive the experience for hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes years afterwards!!!

There is a lot we can learn from young children, and their beautiful presence. They are not hung up about yesterday or worried for tomorrow (unless of course they have been exposed to adults with similar traits). Children happily live in the present moment and make the most of it.


Lesson 2: Laugh it off

Baby no.1 bursts into laughter after each sneeze. She thinks everything is a game, doesn’t get bothered at all, but actually quite enjoys her sneezes. Imagine how different life would be if adults burst into laughter after each sneeze? Instead what tends to happen is you sneeze once or twice, and other people then begin to question if you are sick? do you have some sort of bug? or as my parents say “see i told you, you will catch a cold if you don’t wear more layers!” Even a tiny meaningless sneeze gets blown out of proportion and sometimes turns into much more than it needs to be. What if we adults enjoyed our sneezes? What if you laugh the next time you sneeze? Imagine how much that laughter would strengthen your immune system? The cold would disappear before it even began!


Lesson 3: Enjoy your own company

Baby no.1 loves playing on her own, with literally any toy or object. She takes a hair clip and explores it for a long time before finding another object to focus on, and then continues in her happy joyous state to find more things to play with and learn from. So many of us can’t stand being alone. In addition our society often makes you feel awkward if you are alone for too long, after all, there must be something wrong with you right? Being part of a crowd is definitely easier than choosing a different path and being alone. But there is great benefit in alone time and in todays fast paced world, i really think its a luxury we should enjoy. The more you enjoy your own company, the more your energy will rise, and the happier you will feel. The babies know 😉

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