Hello, I am French and I read your blog once in …

by farnaz

Comment on My Introduction to Abraham by F.W.

I am French and I read your blog once in a while since a year
but I finally took the courage to buy your book
I already had success in my healing before, but felt I needed support and having someone saying me i am right about what i am doing really help
I doubt a lot since I never had support in my life since I was a child, so every time I go back to the book it reassures me
I felt angry to let me be helped, I always had to deal alone with life and to mistrust people because of all the bad treatment I received even before my birth, but in the same time I felt culpability to have bad thoughts for people, because since childhood I felt people are good and I be taught that I am the problem
I feels that I am a bad person to think bad about people and life
and then I feels like life will punish me to not believing on it

My bigger difficulties is to let go the anxiety
I lived too much loneliness and terror
I see a lot of my problems disapearing but then suddenly after two years, I feel terror again
I do my best to keep my thoughts on the good but it s like I need to express this terror feeling to cry a lot

I do not know what is the best to do here
Is it good to ignore the bad feelings even when it s painful and seems unable to be released just by ignoring it
I try to do many good things to thinks of something else but the fear is herem come back, wake me up
I know I have nothing to fear

I am happy to have your book, I feels more and more at ease to read it, and I accept more and more that i am not weak if someone help me to heal
Thank you a lot