Manifestations of Thought – part 2

by farnaz
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Manifestations of thought are all around us, if we just pay attention. I previously mentioned how quickly my thoughts about travelling for work manifested. It was a incredible experience and i wanted to give an update on the actual physical experience.

I had about 4 weeks from the time of finding out about the travel and the actual travel date in early May, so i saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a amazing experience for myself, ahead of time. Abraham always advises to look forward to upcoming events, and spend thought energy imagining and visualising the preferred outcomes. This technique is called prepaving, you are effectively paving the way for good experiences.

And that’s exactly what i did, everyday on the way to work, or at home, while doing house chores, i thought about how much fun the experience would be. How lovely the hotels will be, how exciting the project will be. I visualised the delightful people i would interact with, both for work and also while flying and staying at the Marina Bay Sands

The outcome? The work trip turned out to be delicious in every way imaginable. Every hotel i stayed at (3 hotels in total) was more amazing than the previous, and i was treated with such love and respect. I kept rendezvousing with helpful courteous people who would go out of their way to help. I felt such love and appreciation for everyone i met, from the taxi drivers, to the air hostesses, to the customers and stakeholders i met in various meetings.

While i have used pre-paving as a tool to manifest joyful outcomes for myself, in the past, i had never seen it deliver such amazing results. Once again i HIGHLY recommend you try this for yourself. Expect good outcomes for yourself, from a place of joy and purity and see what happens. I’ve put the ‘joy and purity’ component in there because the vibration of the expectation must be of a high frequency (love) instead of a place of low frequency (fear).

I would love to hear how you use this simple fun tool to better your life! You deserve happiness.

Farnaz xo

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