Iodine – the elixir of health

by farnaz
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Hello friends!

It’s been years since I contributed to my website and what better way to kick start 2022 than with a discussion of the most important mineral, Iodine!

Now we have all heard that Iodine is important for the correct function of our thyroid which controls pretty much every other function of our body. But over 2021 I discovered that the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 150 mcg/day of Iodine is actually substantially less than what women, men and children need.

In fact if you just get the RDA amount of Iodine, you are likely to be deficient. Iodine deficiency can lead to a myriad of health issues as well as disabling our bodys ability to detox itself from environmental toxins such as fluoride, bromine and chloride.

The importance of Iodine in our overall health cannot be iterated enough.

Dr David Brownstein has dedicated 20 years to healing patients with Iodine and in his book “Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It.” he explains:

“When you couple in the increasing exposure to toxic halides such as bromine, fluoride, and chlorine derivatives, our iodine requirements have markedly increased over the years. My experience has shown that iodine in doses ranging from 6-50 mg/day is adequate to provide iodine for the vast majority of the population. Finally, it is important to use the right kind of salt: unrefined salt.

For the last 20 years I have used Selina’s Celtic Brand Sea Salt in my practice with great success. When using iodine, the best results are seen when it is used with unrefined salt as part of a holistic treatment regimen. Unrefined salt helps the body safely detoxify from the toxic halides bromine, chlorine and fluoride that can be released when iodine is taken.”

According to Dr Lara Briden, in women milligram Iodine supplementation can help with:

– fibrocystic breasts, breast cysts, and pain
– ovulation pain
– prevention of ovarian cysts
– irregular periods including some types of PCOS
– prevention of fibroids
– heavy periods
– perimenopause
– endometriosis
– premenstrual mood symptoms including PMS and PMDD.

To clarify, our bodies need milligram dosages, substantially more than the microgram RDA dosages from governments around the world.

In fact, Japan the daily ingestion of iodine is closer to 12 mg, multiple times more than other countries! And Japan has much lower rates of cancer than most developed countries, especially the United States. Iodine deficiency and cancer have a well documented history. In addition to this, Iodine is referred to as the IQ mineral, because its directly linked to increased intelligence and IQ, which makes sense when you look at the Japanese.

Unfortunately most medical practitioners don’t test for Iodine deficiency so we really need to take our health into our own hands.

One safe way of testing your iodine deficiency at home is to do a patch test on your arm. It’s not 100% accurate but should give you an idea of how bad your deficiency is.

If you are a woman, breast pain during your cycle is a accurate way of knowing you are iodine deficient.

Symptoms of an Iodine Deficiency

Other Symptoms of an Iodine Deficiency Include:

– Fatigue or lethargy
– Unwanted weight gain and or difficulty losing weight
– Thinning hair
– Thyroid disorders
– Dry skin
– Constipation
– Depression
– Memory problems and brain fog
– Muscle weakness and joint stiffness
– Headaches

In children and teens, this condition may cause:

– poor growth
– delayed tooth development
– delayed puberty
– poor mental development

In infants, hypothyroidism is likely to cause symptoms like:

– frequent choking
– large tongue
– puffy face
– constipation
– poor muscle tone
– extreme sleepiness


So what is the correct dosage of Iodine? How much do you need?

As with everything else in life, we each have to work this out for ourselves however before you start taking larger doses of iodine, Dr Lara Briden recommends you get your thyroid Anti-bodies tested first!

“Milligram dose means 1 to 3 mg (1000 to 3000 mcg) preferably as molecular iodine (I2) which is better for breasts and safer for the thyroid. That bigger dose of iodine is safe only if you test negative for thyroid antibodies.

Before taking iodine, it’s important to test thyroid antibodies (also called anti-thyroid antibodies, or anti-TPO antibodies) because too much iodine, especially potassium iodide, can harm the thyroid or trigger autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s thyroid disease).

If you test positive for thyroid antibodies (or have already been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease), do not take more than 0.3 mg (300 mcg) of iodine. This may, unfortunately, not be enough to relieve women’s health symptoms. A large dose of iodine is not safe for Hashimoto’s.”

Meanwhile Dr Northrup recommends “a minimum of 12.5 mg/day” for women with breast pain and see’s excellent results within 2 weeks.

You can also ask yourself 22 questions to see how deficient you are.

Iosol Formula II

My preferred form of supplementation is using TPCS, Iosol Formula II, 1 fl oz (30 ml) which i buy from iHerb (this is not a sponsored link and i do not get any commission). It is slowly absorbed into the thyroid but more rapidly into breasts making it excellent for breast pain.

What Iodine has done for others

To finish off, I wanted to share a partial list of the improvements other people have documented from Iodine supplementation

– Allergies
– Acne
– Ovarian problems, menstual irregularities, fertility problems
– feeling cold
– gum infections
– psoriasis
– type 2 diabetes
– Depression
– Heart arrhythmia
– Blood pressure
– Cholesterol
– Scars
– Infections
– Miscarriage
– Genital herpes
– Fibromyalgia
– Hearing loss
– Prostate disease
– Lung conditions
– Constipation
– Eye problems
– Fertility in women
– Neck pain
– Vaginal infections
– Eczema
– Increased semen and erections
– Increase in sex drive
– Broken capillaries
– Varicose veins
– Cellulite
– Cancer & tumours

What others say

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the importance of this miracle mineral that we all need to live our best lives.

I would love to hear your experiences with Iodine and how it has changed your life for the better.

Farnaz xo

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