Healing Cancer at any Age

Healing yourself and loved ones

by farnaz
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Today I want to share with you how my fathers bladder cancer, classified as “invasive” by multiple specialist urologists healed in a fairly short period of time.

I hope the strategies I share with you will help you and your loved ones on your journey to self healing.


To set the scene, he is 85 years only and has been smoking for 60 years! Yes you read that correct, 60 years!

He isn’t a very physically active person, never really exercised however he does enjoy short walks provided his arthritic knee allows it. Before the arthritis, he would walk an hour a day at a fairly fast pace, which I found hard to keep up with as a teenager.

However as he now lives alone, he does need to shop and cook for himself, which prevents him from being fully sedentary for his age.

During the pandemic lockdowns, he became increasingly isolated which led him to start questioning his life, why he was alive and what the point of it all was. We could sense he had lost his appetite for living, as he would previously joke about living to 100!

6 months after he started asking these questions, his health started to deteriorate at a rapid pace. A large lump developed on the right side of his neck. His feet began to swell to twice their previous size. Blood started appearing when he went to the bathroom.

We encouraged him to go get it all checked out, which he said he did. A few months later he called us to say he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, a very invasive kind and has been told he needs a operation and then 32 chemo treatments!

Our reaction

We were obviously shocked by the sudden news and confused by the recommendation of 32 chemo treatments, surely that would kill a weak 85 year old?

Having full knowledge of how the pharmaceutical industry incentivises physicians to prescribe chemo (in return for a huge cash kick-back) we jumped into action and started searching for other opinions.

After numerous doctors, specialists and pathology visits in addition to MRIs, CAT and PET scans, we took a complete and wholistic approach to healing his bladder cancer.

What we did

Dad was told to stop smoking immediately by this second urologist. Ironically the first specialist forgot to check if dad was a smoker!

Due to the invasive nature of this cancer, his urologist did not want to delay treatment. Another cystoscopy was performed by this second specialist and he confirmed the first doctors prognosis.

The urologist recommended an internal vaccine called BCG which would be less invasive than surgery and much safer for himself and all of us around him (unlike chemo or radiation). The urologist did however say that BCG only has a success rate of 60%, and that if this did not eliminate the cancer, plan B would be the removal of the bladder in combination with radiation/chemo. We obviously did not see plan B as an option. How is he to live without a bladder? What would that do to the quality of his life?

At this stage we had to take a serious but complete approach to helping dad heal, we couldn’t just rely on modern medicine. We have seen too many people lost to cancer with the modern medicine approach and we knew it was incomplete.

It was really about taking responsibility for his healing rather than making it his doctors problem.

So we took a 3 pronged approach to healing: Medicine, Food, Emotion

Pie chart of the 3 elements of healing, nutrition, emotion and medicine


We fed him a whole-foods diet, where the ingredients were as fresh as possible and of a warm temperament. Traditional Persian Medicine advises the consumption of warming foods for healing and the avoidance of cool temperament ingredients where possible, especially in damp and colder months of the year.

Cancer cells thrive on sugar so his diet was kept low sugar as much as possible, only getting sugar through fresh fruits rather than processed foods or sweets.

His food was cooked with quality fats, such as first cold pressed coconut oil, we made ghee at home which has the highest boiling point and is much safer for cooking at high temperatures than olive oil is.

But keeping his diet to a warm temperament was the predominant focus here. Unless you are living in a very hot and dry climate, cool damp temperament diets can be very detrimental to your body. (if you would like to know more about this subject, please comment below and ill go into detail in another post).


He followed the BCG treatments advised by the specialist as closely as he could, fasting where necessary and resting as much as possible.

To help his body generate new healthy cells, we put him on a high Vitamin C dose of about 6000mg a day, plus a strong B complex, Selenium for cell generation and a mens Multi-vitamin.

I have seen many cases of functional medicine doctors treat tumour patients with mega doses of Vitamin C in IV form and the results were incredible. Unfortunately for the public, physicians are prohibited from treating cancer patients with vitamin therapy in some parts of the world such as America and Australia.

But Vitamin C has no side effects in large doses and dad took about 6000mg a day comfortably.


Having had a rough childhood, dad still carried a lot of pain from the past which he did not want to open up about. Gradually and slowly we were able to approach the subject with him, after explaining to him the physical and emotional connection of the body. I went through the list of symptoms from Louise Hay with dad, and it was interesting how relevant both the “bladder” and the “cancer” causes and symptoms from Louise are to dads situation.

Our body only ever gets sick when we are not well emotionally. I reminded him that his health issues began not long after the time where he began to feel depressed about his life. This was a light bulb moment for him, he had not connected the dots. His sense of hopelessness and wanting out of this life, had been the real reason his body began to deteriorate.

This low emotional state created the perfect condition in his body for disease. After all, disease is just dis-ease, or a lack of ease. This is why it’s so important to take care of your emotions and make yourself feel good. Your life literally depends on it!

To help elevate his emotional state, we also encouraged positive movies and media. He watched all the comedies he could, and when they ran out, he watched relaxing nature inspired youtube videos. There was no horror, thrillers, true crime, drama, news or anything sad in the media he consumed.

Laughter is incredibly beneficial for the human body and soul, the best way of releasing resistance. It’s literally free therapy and medicine in one!

The Results

2 Months after the BCG treatments were completed, the third cystoscopy revealed no cancer in dads bladder. The lab also confirmed there was no cancerous cells present in their biopsy samples. Dad was announced cancer free, though the urologist recommended a “top up” of the BCG in 3 months time, for another follow up cystoscopy in late in 2023.

The urologist was very happy with the results, Dad was over the moon! It is another chance at life we take for granted.

Of course, the journey is not over yet. Dad must continue to eat right, take care of himself emotionally and physically.

So what healed dads cancer? Was it the BCG? the diet? the emotional cleansing? the laughter? the vitamins?

I believe it was a combination of all of the above.

Had he continued his poor diet and lifestyle, he would have died slowly from the cancer.

Had he opted for chemo and radiation, he would have died very quickly from their detrimental side effects.

Had he just done BCG, his chances of success would have only been 60%.

Instead dad did everything in his power to get better, he took responsibility for his health and life, he learnt how to eat better, how to think better, what to watch, and what to avoid. At 85, dad is learning important life skills that we all need in order to thrive on earth. It just goes to show that it is never too late to start a fresh!

The nice surprise at the end was, his arthritic knee started to get better for the first time in years allowing him to walk more. The lump in his neck turned out to be a benign tumor with a 1% chance of growth. He gained a healthy 5kg and his independence. But more importantly, he was given a second chance at life!

If you would like to find out more about how I healed my myriad of health issues and ultimately my life, check out my book The Alchemy of healing.

To learn more about your emotional state and how to elevate it, check out Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale.



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