My focus wheel will be “I want to be a …

by farnaz

Comment on Focus Wheel: How to change your vibration by Rosie.

My focus wheel will be “I want to be a model in London” — then I will add the info around it. I am doing it now! 🙂

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Go where you are pulled
Amazing, I had not realised that fully. How interesting… I wonder how it applies to relationships. Like if I marry my partner and then our vibration changes overtime….seems like it could be a messy situation! I don’t know why I want ot get married to him…I just really like this guy so I guess it doesn’t have to be contracted! It is what it is 🙂

Lay the foundation for your dream
I really want to do modelling but I never feel good enough. I don’t know why I want to do it other than it is something which makes y heart sing. So, I am trying to walk the talk and really pretend that I am a model in my head. That is what I believe will help me create the experience.