Double your productivity: Act when you feel good

by farnaz
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Doubling your productivity is easier than you think. It’s  simple, it’s about doing less, rather than more. The secret to being more productive, is only taking action from a good feeling place. In other words, act when you feel good. Don’t take action if you feel less than good, as the outcome will be less than good. Your productivity is directly proportional to your emotions and vibrations.

When it comes to doing anything, whether it is grocery shopping or having lunch with a friend, i have seen time and time again how much better things go, when i am feeling good. That is because, when we are in a good feeling place, our good vibrations draw to us more good events and circumstances. You are more likely to be drawn to the solution of your problem, in the shortest quickest way possible. In other words, you are drawn to the path of least resistance. The Law of Attraction (LOA) is always acting on your emitted thoughts, positive or negative.

This is why it’s important to take action, when it is inspired. When you suddenly get a rush of desire to do something you have been putting of for a while. And if you act on inspiration, you are likely to be met with success.

A recent example for me, is the task of re-evaluating and replacing my credit card. I had been using the same credit card for the past 3 years, but my lifestyle and circumstances had changed, so the card was no longer meeting my needs. But the thought of spending hours on the phone to banks on hold, or online trolling through dozens of banks websites and terms & conditions for each card was not appealing at all. On top of that, i have a Europe trip coming up, for which i need a travel credit card as well. This massive task had been on my to-do list for months but i could not bring myself to start it. Even thinking about it annoyed me.

So i decided to follow my gut and do whatever i felt like instead. And my highest joy was planning my Europe trip, thinking about all the things i would do in the UK and France. It would get me excited immediately and i would get lost for hours, planning my visits to amazing places i had been keen to see for years. I knew the secret to my wellbeing is to follow my intuition and do whatever feels good at the time, so i spent a few days happily planning my trip on TripAdvisor.

Then suddenly i felt the urge to search ‘travel credit cards’ on TripAdvisor. Within 2 minutes I found a post from someone who had done all the research at the banks and presented the best cards for travel to Europe. This person had saved me days of calling banks and searching blogs! I had effectively allowed the solution i was seeking to come to me easily, through the path of least resistance. To make a long story short, within a day i was approved for the new cards. On top of that my current bank also happily offered to wave the annual fee on my current card, without me even asking!

Previously, if i had forced myself to do this research and apply for new cards, it would have been a very time consuming and frustrating experience. But with the leverage of positive energy, I was able to get to my destination in a quicker and more enjoyable way. Love it!

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Jennifer April 20, 2014 - 1:06 am

You know… I never really thought about it till I read your post, but you’re absolutely right when it comes to The Law of Attraction! Every time I’ve procrastinated with things, then forced myself to do them while not in the best mood, I’ve had little to no success with the results. (Especially since I know I’m fully capable of better results) Yet when working on something entirely different and having some success it… I end up feeling completely inspired, doubling my productivity, doing all those things I tend to procrastinate with, and the outcome is fantastic.

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farnaz June 17, 2014 - 4:39 am

Hi Jennifer,

Oh isn’t the Law of Attraction wonderful, once we use it to our advantage? Thanks for taking time to read my blog

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