You know… I never really thought about it till I …

by farnaz

Comment on Double your productivity: Act when you feel good by Jennifer.

You know… I never really thought about it till I read your post, but you’re absolutely right when it comes to The Law of Attraction! Every time I’ve procrastinated with things, then forced myself to do them while not in the best mood, I’ve had little to no success with the results. (Especially since I know I’m fully capable of better results) Yet when working on something entirely different and having some success it… I end up feeling completely inspired, doubling my productivity, doing all those things I tend to procrastinate with, and the outcome is fantastic.

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Love List: A nice way to change your focus
Interesting how powerful the law of attraction is. Healing my health issues is something I’ve been working on for some time now, and I’ve only recently learned how powerful your thoughts and emotions are.
I’ll be doing this Love List exercise for sure. It’s always good to get out of your head, so to speak, and think about all those things you never really think about. (that are good!) Right at this moment… I love seeing the birds playing, chirping and hopping around on my patio!