Are you Nutrient deficient?

by farnaz
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Anyone who has read my book “The Alchemy of Healing” knows the premise, to change your energy and allow your body to naturally heal itself. First your emotional state must change, then your lifestyle will naturally change. Eating the best diet made no difference while I was feeling so negative (often my feelings ranged from depressed, to anxious, to worried). I explained the journey I went through in detail and why “trying” hard to heal my body only resulted in more illnesses arising. The focus of this book was making the reader understand that the majority of the healing must be allowed, as our body has the know-how and full self-healing abilities necessary.

But what if we are severely nutrient deficient? I was severely Iodine deficient for years, which probably affected my thyroid and every other organ, but it wasn’t until my Natropath had me do a Iodine test that i found out. She called as soon as my results came in, my Iodine levels were at 13, while a normal person must be over 100! She put me on the best supplement possible and the rest is history…

I recently watched a very interesting documentary on Food Matters, where Doctors were talking about the success they had at healing serious depression and dangerous tumours with high doses of Vitamins. The results were incredible, and what is alarming is that Nutritional Therapy is not permitted in most western countries. One Doctor was forced to relocate his medical practice in order to continue and saving lives with Vitamins. I don’t want to go into the politics of why the pharmaceutical industry wants people to be sick, that is obvious. But I do want to point out that the amazing research and dedication of many good Physicians on Nutritional Therapy can be accessed for free on the website.

So my question to you is, are you nutrient deficient? When was the last time you had all your tests done? Are you getting enough Vitamins and Minerals? Start by asking your Doctor for a full check up and blood tests. Some tests may cost you more (such as my Iodine test) but are well worth it. Then look at what you are eating, you are far better off getting your nutrients from organic fresh foods than from supplements. But many argue that these days our soil is so depleted that it’s necessary to eat large amounts of vegetables and fruits, to get the same nutrients in our grandparents diet. So supplements may be necessary, and if that is the path you are taking, try to consume “whole food” supplements where possible. They contain natural vitamins derived from food, instead of artificially produced vitamins made in labs. Of course sometimes its not possible to get whole food vitamins (I’ve found it difficult to get my hands on them in the past), so this should not stop you from taking vitamins. I believe some vitamins are better than no vitamins.

And as always, please do your own research and rely on your own intuition to guide you. Take good care of your emotions and try to feel better every day through the methods I’ve discussed in my book, and very soon your body will rapidly heal.

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