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Hello from back in the UK. I was there and …

by farnaz

Comment on Abraham Hicks in Sydney 2013 by Lynne.

Hello from back in the UK. I was there and was lucky enough to be invited on stage but it was all such a blur that I really don’t know what I asked exactly. It was about be a creative writer/actor or whatever and I seem to remember she broadsided me with a question that I couldn’t really take in so I just said the first thing that came to me and then I remember her/they saying words to the effect of ‘take care of your own relationship with the Source and let others speak through you.’
I remember also desperately trying not to think ‘I wish my arms didn’t look so fat on the big screen’. LOL. Humans!
I am looking forward to getting the DVD of it so I can really hear what my question and their answer was. Not sure how that arrives, do you know?I know I got a message saying payment had been received but I have no idea how long it takes for esther to edit it. Isn’t she just beautiful, in the simplest most genuine way? Warm regards Lynne